Business English

By using the “Longman” methodology combined with multimedia resources, our Business English courses have been especially developed for students wishing to learn the language to apply it in the business world, becoming proficient in speaking and writing.

We also offer other courses developed for specific needs, such as: English for finance, Law, Marketing, business trips, important tests, exams and interviews.

For beginners, we offer teachers that have experience living abroad. From the intermediate level onwards, we offer native teachers. The student chooses where lessons are held: home, office, building or even online.

Contact our pedagogical team to schedule an introductory lesson, using the telephone +55(11) 3255-7975 

For further information, don't hesitate in contacting us:
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"I've studied English with other teachers and schools, but I have never adapted as well to the format of the…
Dr. Diogo Domiciano - Rheumatologist at FMUSP
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