Linguae Institute has the Spanish course you’ve been looking for


In order to help you move on from the first basic levels of Spanish, and actually learn to understand and use the language effectively and practically, we have developed a course based on the “Edelsa” methodology.

The learning process is agile and dynamic, encompassing all components of the language as determined by the reference levels for Spanish learning (Curriculum Plan developed by the Cervantes Institute), as well as helping you to fully develop your speaking skills, through the use of multimedia content, native teachers or teachers with experience living abroad.

At Linguae, you will not merely learn the language, but also find out more about the culture of the countries in which Spanish is spoken, with lessons held wherever you prefer (home, office or online), available for individuals or small groups.

Whether you want to travel, take tests, exams or interviews efficiently, Linguae is the place for you!

Contact our pedagogical team to schedule an introductory lesson, using the telephone +55(11) 3255-7975 or email

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