Language Teaching Methodology

Linguae aims to teach language in a comprehensive way. Therefore, our courses focus on helping you to express yourself, as you gain listening and written understanding. Additionally, our teachers bring cultural aspects from the countries in which the language is spoken into the classroom.

Each student will bring his or her own cultural baggage, preferences, hobbies, interests and opinions to the learning process. The school, with its highly experienced team with experience living abroad, will develop a course plan in line with the needs, expectations and the potential of each student.

That way, students will be prepared to use their language skills in a variety of different situations, whether for professional purposes (business, Master’s Degree) or personal purposes (travelling, making new friends, dating).

The books used by Institute Linguae are published by the main language institutions around the world, such as the Cervantes Institute for Spanish, Cambridge University Press for English and Goëthe Institut for German.

Establishing levels is an important part of learning. Therefore, we utilize the Common European Framework of Reference, which establishes different levels for all languages in order to compare and issue different titles from the certifying entities.

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