Common European Framework

Initial Configuration

By compiling information about the different levels proposed by entities and authors, the project participants have observed that the most suitable number of levels for language learning and assessment does not coincide with the traditional basic, intermediate and advanced levels. With this in mind, an initial distinction is carried out into three wide blocs, each one of them divided into more specific levels.

Current Configuration

The subsequent development of the Common European Framework simplifies the previous scheme, making it much easier for the users to understand the information, presenting a global scale for all six levels.

  • Level C2: When the student can easily understand basically everything he/she reads or hears, and is able to reconstruct information and arguments from several sources, both speaking or in written form, presenting them in a cohesive, summarized manner. Also capable of expressing him/herself spontaneously, with fluency and a high degree of accuracy. At this stage, the student is also capable of detecting slight variations in meaning, including situations of high complexity.

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